NewUpload file size limit upgraded to 130 MB from 100 MB.
NewVOD & TV Series support for Kodi v.20! see Faq
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Enter the link to the m3u file your provider gave you in the input field. Then click on "Get .m3u" button to download the m3u file on your PC.


  1. The link will probably need &type=m3u_plus to receive group-title information from your provider.
  2. The link will be saved in your browser cache and displayed the subsequent times you log in. Alternatively you can directly enter the link into your browser to download the .m3u file.

Once you have the .m3u (or .m3u8, .ts) file on your PC,
Click "Upload File" to select the m3u file and upload it to the server.


  1. The file size limit is 130 MB.
  2. Uploaded files are encrypted to ensure their protection and will remain on the server until you sign out.
  3. Ex. of channel definition in .m3u file: #EXTINF:-1 tvg-id="" tvg-name="FRANCE 4" tvg-logo="https://domain/fr/" group-title="|EU| FRANCE",FRANCE 4
  • This action will remove all configurations you have applied to the selected provider (1, 2 or 3).
  • You will normally want to reset the configuration when your provider has changed.

This will create your .m3u file from your uploaded provider list(s) based on your configuration (your choice of channels, groups, epg settings, etc).

You need at least one .m3u file uploaded. If you have more than one provider, they will be combined to a single list/.m3u file.

Ex: the following image shows that the created list will contain channels from providers 1 and 3.

In case of no uploaded list, the "Create List" button is disabled.

You can remove uploaded provider lists by clicking on the blue dots.


To use the new Media features in Kodi v.20, you need to specify the type of content on groups containing movies, tv series or radio.

Media Types:
  • TV Live: Default.
  • VOD: Channels are moved to Recordings/Movies/.
  • TV Series: Channels are moved to Recordings/TV Shows/<tv serie>/<season>/.
  • Radio: Channels are moved to radio group in Kodi.
X Cleanup Channels Names:

  • Enter characters you want to replace from channel names.
  • Leave 'With' field blank to remove characters.
  • You can enter multiple sets of characters separated by a semicolon ';'
    ex: '|DE|;(MULTI)'

Note 1: By default, these characters are first removed from channel names: . \ - ;

Note 2: replacements are done following 'Create List' action in 'Convert' tab.


Starting with Kodi v.20 using PVR IPTV Simple Client, VOD and TV Series channels will be moved to 'Recordings' and Media Library. See here for more info

Media scrapers can be used on recordings, so metadata will be displayed in Kodi media library.

Media tags added depending on content:

#EXTINF:-1 media="true" media-dir="/Movies/" ...
#EXTINF:-1 media="true" media-dir="/TV Shows/{serie-name}/{season}" ...
#EXTINF:-1 media="true" radio="true" ...
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