NewUpload file size limit upgraded to 130 MB from 100 MB.
NewVOD & TV Series support for Kodi v.20! see Faq
Quick-start Tutorial

1. Managing m3u file from your provider(s)


Enter the link to the m3u file your provider gave you in the input field. Then click on "Get .m3u" button to download the m3u file.


  1. the link will probably need &type=m3u_plus to receive group-title information from your provider.
  2. the link will be saved in your browser and displayed the subsequent times you log in. Alternatively you can directly enter the link into your browser to download the .m3u file.


Once you have the .m3u (or .m3u8, .ts) file on your PC,
Click "Upload File" to select the m3u file from step 1 and upload it to the server.


  1. Ex. of channel definition: #EXTINF:-1 tvg-id="" tvg-name="FRANCE 4" tvg-logo="https://domain/fr/" group-title="|EU| FRANCE",FRANCE 4
  2. the file must not be over 100MB.
  3. uploaded files are encrypted to ensure their protection and will remain on the server until you sign out.


After a file is uploaded, the list of available groups will be displayed. You can click on checkboxes to select/remove groups you do not want.

Note: this action is automatically saved to a configuration file linked to your account, so you only do this once.


Click on the group name to display/hide the channels available within the group.


Click on a channel to display its information on the right panel.


Uncheck to remove the channel from your custom result m3u list.


Copy the channel to a custom group. See also item 13 and also section 4.


Lets you enter a new EPG id for the channel. Must be the same id as your EPG provider or EPG provided by Iptv-m3u.


Lets you change url location for the channel's logo.


Click to save any modification to your configuration file.


Removed channels appear in red.


EPG logo indicates that the channel has epg set.


Dropdown list of your available custom groups. Channel will be copied to selected custom group, while remaining in its original group.

2. Building your new custom m3u file


Click on "Create List" to build your custom m3u list based on your configuration settings.


Click "Download List" to download your resulting file to your PC. Place this file on your streaming devices or on a network share.


Or use the link provided and enter it in your compatible iptv client.
!!!Do not share this link as it contains credentials to your iptv provider!!!


Shows which provider(s) have currently an uploaded m3u list on the server.Clicking on the blue dot will delete m3u file associated with the provider.

3. Electronic Programming Guide (EPG)

The EPG tab gives you a personal link for xmltv epg guide containing hundreds of channels.
You can browse channels by country or search by name.
Do not share this link, it has a limited monthly amount of downloads.


Link to download epg guide on your device(s).


search filter on all available channels.


Click to view/hide available channels by country.


Epg ids to use in configuration (see point 8). Select the text and press CTRL+C to copy it the clipboard or use button next to it.

4. Manage your custom groups